Our two wines, the award winning Anfora and  the classical superiore Barile are both certified biological DOCG Barbera d'Asti wines. 

The Cascina del Rosone wines

We are a small single vinyard producer and make up to 10 000 bottles per season, from our excellent biological vinyard of Barbera grapes. The vinyard is in the commune Agliano Terme in Asti in the middle of the UNESCO world culture wine country.

The Barbera grape is the most important grape for wine production in Piedmont, it is looked upon as the little brother of the Nebbiolo grape which most often gets the best spot in the vinyards. Asti, however, is the one appellation where the best parts of the vinyards are dedicated to the Barbera grape. At Cascina del Rosone we only cultivate Barbera grapes and we produce two different biological DOCG-certified Barbera wines.

The wine production at Cascina del Rosone is according to biological principles. The grapes are tended to and picked by hand.

Our two wines, the award winning Anfora and the classical superiore Barile are both certified bilogical DOCG Barbera d'Asti wines. 

The Anfora was awarded in the Rosso-category by the Wine Hunter

The WineHunter - excellence is an attitude

and will be presented at the Merano festival in November 2021;

WineHunter Cascina del Rosone - Anfora

In order to purchase the wine onsite, from abroad, contact:

Winemaker Paolo Picollo: +39 339 361 5052

In Norway we sell through the Vinmonopolet:

Cascina del Rosone Barbera d'Asti Anfora 2018 Italia Land Vinmonopolet

Cascina del Rosone Barile Barbera d'Asti Superiore 2018 Italia Land Vinmonopolet

The cantina where we store the Anfora wine on amphoras and the Barile wine on french oak barrels for 12 months before bottling the wine.

We are happy to take you on a tour in the vinyards and to our cantina and show you how the wine is profuced and tell you about our philosophy of winemaking.

Storing the  Anfora wine on amphoras gives the wine an unique and pure Barbera taste. The  French oak barrels where we store our Barile wine, give the wine the sophisticated taste of the classical suepriore of Barbera wines. 

Photo by Mauro Parmesani