The vinyards in Agliano Terme is  part of the UNESCO heritage

A walk through Agliano Terme's many vinyards is highly recommended.

The village of Agliano Terme 

Agliano Terme is a small village where you find restaurants, bars, a bakery, a butcher and other small local shops.

In the center of the village there is a de-Christianized old church, where the local Barbera Association arranges wine tastings of the wines of the local producers, concerts and art exibitions. 

Every year there is a Barbera Unplugged festival in May, and every second year the village hosts a Fish Festival, where Barbera wine is paired with Norwegian codfish. In addition there are small festivals, arrangments and the opportunity to taste local food paired with local wine in the town square Piazza Roma.  

Visitors to the Fish Festival enjoying wine and food ouside the church..

Wine tasting in the old church.

The next Barbera Fish Festival will according to plan take place in 2021.